Our partners

Find out more here about our partners with whom we work together to make all of our ideas a reality.


Cooperation partner

MyDartCoach has been cooperating with MyDartPfeil, a young e-commerce startup from Berlin and developer of the world's first dart configurator, since the end of 2020.

About MyDartPfeil

myDartpfeil is a young e-commerce startup from Berlin and developer of the world's first dart configurator. Enthusiastic dart fans can configure and design their own individual darts step by step. Furthermore, myDartpfeil offers individual dartboards and dart surrounds for printing in its own dart shop.

myDartpfeil has the mission to bring darts into every German living room. With this in mind, they publish a YouTube video and a darts podcast every week, in which they inform their viewers and listeners on various topics of darts. You will give dart training tips, introduce various dart games and play interesting dart challenges. myDartpfeil stands for love of darts and is currently supported by over 50,000 subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Co.

Vision Trikots

Official outfitter

Vision trikots is the brand when it comes to high-quality and individual sportswear.
The uniqueness of the athletes is reflected in every jersey. Through close contact, the visions of the athletes can be optimally implemented, because that is exactly what Vision trikots means!

Vision trikots is the official outfitter of the MyDartCoach players.

Vision is possible!

"For me, Vision jerseys are, through their unique design, very personal and always appropriate to the person! Mega good quality that you love to wear!"
- Alexandra S. -

"Great team which always produces customer-oriented products for the sport of darts. Friendly and uncomplicated communication the way you want it. That's the reason why my jerseys come from Vision!"
- Michael B. -

Johannes Lipsius

Mental Coach

Johannes Lipsius is a trained and professional mental coach with whom MyDartCoach has been working since 2022. Due to his many years of experience in (semi-)professional tennis and his studies in sports science, Johannes brings know-how with which he supports Team MyDartCoach. The players from our team are enthusiastic about his coaching sessions and work hard together with Johannes on their mental strength.

If you are interested in a mental coaching workshop or similar, please check out Johannes' website.


Cooperation partner

MyDartCoach has been working with Dartsport Deutschland (Max Weilandt) since the end of 2021.