MyDartCoach breaks new ground! - Become part of MyDartCoach now!

MyDartCoach is evolving and we are now giving you even more the opportunity to become part of this project!

The entire MyDartCoach project will expand and focus on other branches. Our training app still remains our main concern, but we are now increasingly focusing on other branches:

  • Community events such as raffles, talks or tournaments
  • Sponsorship and management of young, talented players
  • Interesting and interactive information on Instagram and YouTube (social media)

Pretty much all of the income we have goes straight back 1: 1 into the community and into promoting young darts talents. As you can probably imagine, this causes some costs and the more funds we have available, the more and the cooler projects we can offer you and therefore you!

By selling the PRO version we generate some one-time income, but we are looking for people and dart players from the community who would like to support us in our work with a small amount on Patreon.

For this reason, we have now opened a Patreon page where you can support us, but that's not all ... We give a lot back to everyone who supports us there! We offer you special features there that you have not seen before!

So please check us out on Patreon and become part of our unlikely darts community!

Thank you very much for your support!

The MyDartCoach team