Players from the

MyDartCoach team

Here you can find players who made it and who we sponsor and for whom we work in management.

Ricardo Pietreczko

Team MyDartCoach since 2022

Ricardo Pietreczko, a fantastic darts player, radiant and since the Q-School 2022 tour card holder at the PDC. After successes in DDV tournaments, WDF participation and special performances on the PDC Challenge Tour 2021, the Nuremberg native has now been able to secure a tour ticket and will annoy the top stars for the next 2 years (and longer). 

Luis Jansen

Team MyDartCoach since 2020

Luis Jansen is a very talented young player from 2005. He came to darts in 2019 and since then he has already won several tournaments both locally and nationally.

His next big step is now taking him on the Development Tour, where he would like to gain more experience before one day he will become one of the greats in this sport.

Felix Knappe

Team MyDartCoach since 2021

When Felix Knappe is on the doubles, he checks at least as cool as the winter weather in his home town of Kühlungsborn.

He was built in 1992 and is tough and confident on the board. After some local successes in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Berlin area, Felix is ​​now tackling the full program of Q-School, Challenge Tour and European Tour qualifiers. 

Jonas Aplowski

Team MyDartCoach since 2022

Jonas Aplowski finds himself in a line of young, talented and motivated dart players from Germany.

The man from Sauerland has been playing darts for several years and could win one or the other tournament.

With the step to the PDC Development Tour he now attacks more seriously than ever and dedicates himself fully to the sport of darts.

Niclas Menz

Team MyDartCoach since 2022

Niclas Menz is as well a player of the young guard who actively dedicates himself to the sport of darts and invests a lot to actively improve.

On the PDC Development Tour his matches and successes can be followed and he is already predicted a great future.